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Bullys among us.

2cqiuqfAlmost every student has been bullied at least once in their life. Now a days it seems bullying is becoming more common.

The bully doesn’t even seem to need a reason to bully. If someone is just in the same area they are and they have something on that someone doesn’t like, then they will attack the person to teach them a lesson. Continue reading



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The good, the bad, & the fugly … What not to post on social networks.


Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, MyYearbook, have all become apart of our daily vocabulary. “Oh, did you hear the comment he left her on Myspace, I sent him a friend request, but he denied me”. Teens using these social networking sites spend a substantial amout of time online, looking for layouts, adding friends, and posting status messages on whatever they just happen to be doing at that time. Sitting hours and hours in front of a computer screen… typing comments and messages… posting pictures and videos… just sitting there… Continue reading


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To eat or not to eat?

Teens are always on the go. There’s no time in the morning now to sit down and have an All-American breakfast. Our image of breakfast now is a pop-tart and an energy drink. Teens will argue they love energy drinks, and they love how wired and hyper it makes them, but they need to know how completely unhealthy these eating habits are.

It’s not always easy to just choose a milk over a Monster, or an apple over a candy bar. Deep down inside a teen probably knows they could be making better food choices, but is not so quick to act on it. Teachers have actually given lectures to kids about not coming to their class with unhealthy foods.

Those who think energy drinks taste bad, are still not so innocent when it comes to choosing bad foods. Pepsi and a doughnut in the morning? Not exactly a real healthy choice either… Continue reading


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Sleep … What you’re doing wrong.

Have you noticed each morning at school is sleepy teens, getting off the bus with no energy and being extremely tired through their day at school? So how do teens get better sleep? Do’s and don’ts. Continue reading

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Confiscation Controversy: The new cell phone policy.

texting 003The new policy for cell phones has been enacted, and no one’s really happy about it.

The new policy for using cell phones and iPods in school is that any use at all after the bell has rung will result in the loss of the phone or MP3 player for the entire day.

As the agenda book states, “The student will speak with an assistant principal and repeated offenses will result in office detention and parental contact.” Which basically means that if you get your phone taken away from you then you have to go to the office after the 2:07 PM bell to get the phone from the office. Continue reading

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School Sports



Coach: Mike Hathaway (8th year)

Last Year’s Record: 8-2
(Lost in PTC Class B semifinals)

Returning Letter Winners:
Seniors- Josh Strickland(TB/DE), Eric Theiss
(QB/DB), Nick Urquhart(TE/LB), Matt Porter
(T/DT),Matt Pellerin(C/T/DT) Luke Wiley(G/DT),
Cam Griffin(SE/S), Jon Letourneau(slot/CB),
Buck Bochtler(TE/DE), Ryan Labbe(SE), Mitch
Cobb(G/LB), Isaiah Wright(slot); Juniors-
Jason Fisher(slot/CB), Zach Frost(DE/TE), Luke
Witham(SE,S), James Morin(T/DT), Max Cloutier
(C/LB); Sophomores- Jordan Hersom(slot/S)
Jake Ouellette(TB,LB).

Promising Newcomers: Seniors- Nate Be-
rube(G/DE), Steve Gibbings(NT); Juniors-Chri-
stian McBriarty(DB), Kurtis Brown(SE), Kevin

Outlook: After losing six key seniors last
year, Leavitt is still looking very good this
season. After losing to Morse in the PTC Class B
semifinals, the Hornets are looking to redeem
themselves. Having possibly the best running back
in Class B, Josh Strickland will make it no problem
for the Hornets run game. Starting since their
sophomore year, Pellerin, Wiley, and Porter on
the line will hold down the defense for Leavitt.
It will be a surprise if we don’t see this team
going deep into the playoffs. Continue reading

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Fans marvel over Disney’s $4 billion decision.

Recently the Walt Disney Company dished out $4 billion dollars to acquire the iconic Marvel comics… A huge shock to fanboys around the globe.

The deal? Marvel accepted the offer, mainly due to it’s current financial state. Although our recent economic deficit is a significant part of a loss in sales, Marvel, like all other American comic companies have been suffering from money loss associated with the recent and ever growing popularity of imported Japanese manga comics.

Despite the comic sales, the one thing thats cost Marvel the most is it’s recent movie production costs. “…Iron man was fairly successful, but the incredible Hulk lost Marvel about 40 million dollars. And since Iron man doesn’t have a fan base as big as, say, Spiderman, Marvel’s considering shutting down productions on Iron Man 2. In fact it’s likely that it’ll never see the light of day.” says G4TV’s financial expert. Continue reading

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