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Apple Announces “iPad” Tablet

January 27, 2010 was a day for the technology history books.

After nearly 8 years of rumors regarding the mysterious “Apple Tablet”, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, Inc., stepped on stage to deliver his Keynote (Apple’s version of Microsoft’s “PowerPoint”) Presentation. After throwing out some business statistics as a torturous form of teasing, Steve finally said “So let’s get to the main event.”

And that was the moment the world met the “iPad.” Continue reading


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Is Target For Real?

Target is officially the middle class’s one-stop luxury shop.
The once classic department store, which use to hover just a step up above Wal-mart, has given itself an amazing makeover.
This past fall Target announced that it would be hiring high end fashion designers to create lower priced luxury clothing for the greater population of America.
While this propasition sounded wonderful and truly inspiring, the fashion legends were unmoved.
The last department store to announce its “high end” fashion line was Wal-mart, who hired Miley Cyrus to produce a trendy teenage line. However, the designs and the product were a complete mess. Do to her lack of experience and no taste in personal style.
So people were hesitant to take Targets proposal too seriously. Yet when Target revealed their list of designers, the true excitement and belief in Target began to develop. Continue reading

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Caffeine: High Schools Top Addiction

When the bell rings at 7:45 A.M. few are excited to go to class and immediately start learning. Continue reading


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A New Semester 2010

January 27, 2010 the new semester classes have finally started after many snow days have delayed their start. The first day of new classes landed on a white day and so far it looks like everything is going well.

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Texting while driving banned. But overdue?

Tuesday, January 26th 2010, a new law was released by the Department of Transportation, prohibiting text messaging while driving large trucks or buses.
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Blue Zone Role Models?

Many people always wonder how long they will live for. Will they live a good live? Is there a something you can do to extend your life an extra five, ten, maybe even twenty years? The average life of a woman in America is 80 and for a man 76. Many people see that as a good life to live but in fact there are many populations in the world that live much longer than that. Continue reading

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The Hangover: Awesome but out-dated?

In the box office recently, the focus seems to be the technical level and the visual appearance of a movie. If a movie isn’t highly anticipated for technical appearance then our draw to the movie seems to go away.

With all the new animation, visual or 3-D effects, The Hangover seems like a normal comedy, it’s  just another movie with no hype because it’s not something new.
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