Math Midterm Study Tips

Midterm week has arrived.  If you’re anything like me, thinking about your math midterm is enough to drive you crazy. While it’s important that you do well on your midterms, these tests do not determine the rest of your lives…  so don’t let yourself get too stressed! Here are a few tips to keep your cool and do well on your math midterm!

1.) Make sure to pay attention during any reviews. Chances are that your teacher has taken a decent amount of time this week to go over what will be on your midterm. Take advantage of this review by asking questions and asking for more examples. Copy these examples down!

2.) Most teachers will give you review questions to do at home. While doing extra, non-graded homework seems silly, this will help you study. Do the problems and check your answers. If you still have questions, your teachers will be more than willing to help you out before, during, and after school.

3.) Your math midterm will be a review of everything you’ve learned so far in the class. Look over past quizzes and tests. Most of the time teachers use the same problems on the midterm, or problems just like it.

4.) Some teachers allow you to have a note card or sheet of notes. Use this note card to write down equations, examples, and key terms that you know you’ll need for the test.

5.) Remember to get plenty of sleep the night before your math midterm. Don’t stay up all night cramming for the test. If you do, the next morning you will find your “all-nighter” has not allowed you to remember anything you need to know for the test. Sleep helps you organize your thoughts and improve your concentration. Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before the big test.

If you follow some of these tips and do not let your nerves get to you, you’ll find that your math midterm isn’t as horrific as you thought!


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