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Coach Karl Fights For His Life

February 16, 2010 was a sad day for the Denver Nuggets basketball family. On this day, Coach George Karl announced that he was diagnosed with a treatable throat cancer. Karl told his team that he noticed an unusual lump on his neck and a couple weeks later got it checked.

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A Tender Heart Leads to a Longer Life

We’ve all giggled until our stomach’s hurt and there are tears rolling down our faces. However certain studies suggest that laughing can be more beneficial than we all think. Continue reading

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Senior Projects, where nightmares are born

As the school year comes to an end, it seems that the work keeps piling up. Continue reading

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Summer Reads … Make you feel good.

Nothing feels as good as lying on the beach reading a book on a warm Summer day… But sometimes it’s hard to find a good book that’s worthy of said situation. Well the Buzz is here to help with some standout options of what to read this summer…

For Movie Lovers:
We all know that the best movies are not usually original ideas by screenwriters, but conversions from the movies predecessor: the book. We all also know that the books that serve as source material are usually better than the movies made for them. For this reason it’s always better to read the book first… Here are a few page-turners you should probably read before they come to life on the screen later this summer: Continue reading


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Oh, So You’re Not Going To College…

It’s the end of the 3rd quarter. For anyone who’s not a senior, this is good news. It’s great news in fact. It means spring is around the corner, the weather warms up, spring sports start.

For some seniors however, a grim reality sets in. The good times are over. In general there is no more school, no more scheduled days surrounded by scheduled extracurricular activities. Life truly begins when you leave high school, and with less than 3 months of school left, life is about to begin for a lot of kids. It seems as if nearly everyone is leaving for bigger and better things.
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The Greater Androsscoggin Humane Society

There are alot of animals this month waiting for a loving home, The Greater Androsscoggin Humane Society has many discounts and deals when adopting their animals. They have dogs, Cat, and Small animals each of there animals are spayed and neutered before they leave the clinic.

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Suicide On The Rise At Cornell

This year suicide has been popular at Cornell University. Two new suicides were determined last week at Cornell University. So far this school year, Cornell has had six suicides take place at the school.
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