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Dear Juniors

In just one summer you will all be seniors! Your final year of high school, your last months at Leavitt. My biggest advice would be not to take anything for granted. While getting up for school daily and doing the same thing you’ve done since freshmen year can be a drag, you will soon realize that the rest of your time in high school will fly by. Believe me, at the end of the year you may even find yourself sad to be leaving this place. When you get used to a steady routine of high school the idea of leaving Leavitt might be intimidating and even a little scary.


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Fire Fighter Unappreciated

For the Fire Fighter in Minot, who was the only man on the scene of a truck fire, there should be a lot of praise and pats on the back. But what did he seem to get, criticism from people who saw the picture in the paper.

People seemed to only want to point out all the things that he wasn’t doing properly. Not wearing his boots and fire pants, his face shield isn’t down, and he isn’t wearing his Air-pack. Cut the man some slack , he’s trying to keep a bad situation, from getting so much worse.

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High School Overview

Towards the end of middle school, high school was the big threat to people. “Your not going to be able to make up work in high school.” Middle school was more of a scare for individuals in order to organize people’s work ethic. Continue reading

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And the Winner is…

The ninth season of American Idol came to a close on Wednesday, May 26. The winner claimed their title and the show loses most of it’s viewers as this season has been marked as disappointing, a major let down compared to previous seasons. Continue reading

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Clicket Or Ticket

Within the next two weeks Maine State police are stepping up the law on wearing seat belts. The departments have been giving 545,272 dollars for the safety administration, there are now 66 police departments that are now in on this campaign to keep drivers safe.

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The End of the Year Print Edition (Digital Copy)

You can view a digital copy of the 10th Anniversary End of Year print issue of the Leavitt Buzz by clicking the link below. The physical copy of the issue will be distributed to HPTs by Friday and at several End of Year events.

The Leavitt Buzz, End of Year Issue, Volume 10 Issue 2

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Project Graduation

Project Graduation is a tradition that was created in Oxford Hills, Maine, in 1980. This tradition was created by the Oxford Hills community and the teachers from Oxford Hills in hopes of preventing underage drinking and partying on the night of graduation. Since 1980 this project has spread to many other states and just about all schools in Maine. Project Graduation provides graduates with an alternative to drinking and doing drugs on graduation night.

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