Project Graduation

Project Graduation is a tradition that was created in Oxford Hills, Maine, in 1980. This tradition was created by the Oxford Hills community and the teachers from Oxford Hills in hopes of preventing underage drinking and partying on the night of graduation. Since 1980 this project has spread to many other states and just about all schools in Maine. Project Graduation provides graduates with an alternative to drinking and doing drugs on graduation night.
This year Project Graduation will be held at the Boothbay Harbor YMCA. Seniors will board the bus after graduation and head out for an all-night fun, safe party. This all night experience gives students at Leavitt a final chance to be with all of their class one last time. After graduation most students are heading to college to pursue their lives after graduation. This means that Project graduation could be the last time we seniors will be all together again.
Some seniors may feel that after graduation they are done with Leavitt, and want to do their own thing on graduation night. I was one of those seniors. What changed my mind was a practice senior presentation in my English class. One student researched project graduation as her senior project. The presentation explained in detail what the purpose of project graduation was and what we will be doing at this all night event.
Some activities that will take place are a bungee run, swimming and henna tattoos! Students will be provided with food and drinks throughout the night and are encouraged to pull an all nighter. Breakfast will be served in the morning if you’re not already passed out. Graduates will be taken back to Leavitt that morning on a bus.
Project graduation will be fun and will be the last time our class will be together. While some people might find out class full of cliques, project graduation will be fun for everyone who will goes. If you haven’t already brought your permission slip, get them in! You can give your permission slips to your HPT teacher, or Mrs. Douchette.
While some graduates may be ready to leave, project gradation promises to be a night you’ll never forget. Graduation night is an extreemly dangerous night in a high schooler’s career. In a recent survey from 2,500 eleven and twelth graders were surveyed. 79% said they are likely to drink on the night of their graduation. Every year more than 3,000 teens die from drinking and driving.¬† Attending project graduation will keep you safe from these statistics and provide you with one last night with your class mates. Project graduation will be a night full of fun, don’t miss out!

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