And the Winner is…

The ninth season of American Idol came to a close on Wednesday, May 26. The winner claimed their title and the show loses most of it’s viewers as this season has been marked as disappointing, a major let down compared to previous seasons.
Starting January 12 of this year, the show auditioned hundreds of thousands of people who dream to own the title of America’s idol. Throughout the season most of those people were eliminated down to only twelve.
This is where most people thought the season began it’s disappointment. The top twelve didn’t seem to live up to previous finalists and America didn’t have a hard time eliminating the people who they thought shouldn’t win. It was never really a close call.
Most contestants lacked memorable performances and star quality which made them easily forgettable each and every week. Once voted off, contestants weren’t exactly missed and America or the judges weren’t upset to see them go.
The biggest upset this season was the finale. Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze who were the final two were both favorites throughout the season.
Both contestants had audtioned in Chicago, Illinois and avoided elimination and the bottom three altogether to get to the finale. Crystal and Lee lack simularities in both music and personality which made it interesting in the end.
Crystal had won the judges over at her first audtion with her soulful voice and shining personality. While Lee barely pulled through at the beginning but ended up tremendously growing by the end of the season when it counted.
In the end, Lee’s marketable personality and good loooks won him the title.  Crystal may of had the better voice, but she didn’t appeal to the voters of America. After all, it is a popularity contest. If it wasn’t, it would be called, American Talent.
Some may be disappointed with the results of Wednesday night’s show, but surely Crystal has a full life ahead of her. Whether she claimed the title of Ameirca’s Idol or not, she has a career set up for her. She knew that two because she was just fine when she learned she was the runner up.
Lee however, was not disappointed with the turn out. He was clearly the underdog out of the two, and he was shocked himself when he heard his name called. He barely pulled it together to sing his first single, “Beautiful Day,” which will be released later this year.
After what seemed like a long and almost painful season of Idol, it ends on a happy note. American win’s again, choosing the less talented but the better looking. That’s what we as a society like. It doesn’t matter what they sound like, only what they look like and if we can make money off of them.

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