Clicket Or Ticket

Within the next two weeks Maine State police are stepping up the law on wearing seat belts. The departments have been giving 545,272 dollars for the safety administration, there are now 66 police departments that are now in on this campaign to keep drivers safe.
According to the press 159 people were killed last year due to people not buckling their seat belts. These reports were made by the Bureau Highway of safety, grants were awarded to the local police departments for public safety and enforcing the law more.
In Farmington, Auburn, Lewiston and Lisbon area the sheriff’s department has recieved funds up to 2,000 and 10,000 for grants. But much of the credits go to the states police agencies for their efforts on road safety.
So now knowing the new strict law that has taken effect, people should probably buckle for their safety and to avoid paying a fine that is $50.00 for your first offense. The law is definately really buckling down on wearing seatbelts, and lowering the risk of death caused by not wearing your seatbelt.

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