Dear Juniors

In just one summer you will all be seniors! Your final year of high school, your last months at Leavitt. My biggest advice would be not to take anything for granted. While getting up for school daily and doing the same thing you’ve done since freshmen year can be a drag, you will soon realize that the rest of your time in high school will fly by. Believe me, at the end of the year you may even find yourself sad to be leaving this place. When you get used to a steady routine of high school the idea of leaving Leavitt might be intimidating and even a little scary.

Apply to every college that you find even a little interesting. You don’t want to find yourself stuck without options. When the stream of acceptance letters come in you will love the idea of having your pick of all the colleges that want you! When deciding which college you will attend the following semester, make sure you will feel comfortable there. Don’t be afraid of branching out and experiencing a different place though. Apply to out of state colleges, just because you apply… does not mean you have to attend. Options are great.
Senioritis is a serious illness that took over the class of 2010. Don’t let this happen to you. Senior year goes by incredibly fast and skipping school and sleeping in late could make you miss something that could be eventful to your senior year.
Go to every Friday night football game, participate in as many Winter Carnival activities as possible, stay close to all of your friends. When the end of Senior year rolls around, you will reflect on all of these things. Don’t find yourself wishing you could go back.
Senior project will be awful, do your best. It takes a long time and its a pain, but you have to do this in order to graduate. Make sure to pick a topic you’re really interested in for your Senior project. If you’re researching a topic you actually care about, you’ll find that Senior project is a lot easier for you and maybe even a little fun. Don’t be nervous when it comes time for presenting to teachers, they really want you to do well.
Along with Senior year comes the idea that it will be your easiest year. This could be true depending on which classes you still have to take. Senior year is usually made up of electives, but this doesn’t mean you should slack off. Colleges look at your grades even after you’ve been accepted. You want to make sure at the end of your year your grades are outstanding. Keep up with your homework and study! This will prepare you for colleges classes you will  take the following semester.
Don’t cut class, just don’t do it. You’ll find yourself in detention and detention is way worse than sitting through an eighty minute class. Don’t miss anything. When May rolls around, and it rolls around fast, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your time at Leavitt has gone bye.
Keep your class together. After graduation the chances of your whole class being in the same place again are highly unlikely. Everyone has their plans after graduation, you’ll all be going seperate ways. You don’t want to be left feeling guilty about cliques you could have had in your class.
School obviously isn’t the highlight of your life, but when your Senior year is nearing it’s end you will even miss first period math class. Don’t take anything for granted your senior year, you really will miss it. Good luck Juniors, and congrats! You’re almost Seniors!

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