Fire Fighter Unappreciated

For the Fire Fighter in Minot, who was the only man on the scene of a truck fire, there should be a lot of praise and pats on the back. But what did he seem to get, criticism from people who saw the picture in the paper.

People seemed to only want to point out all the things that he wasn’t doing properly. Not wearing his boots and fire pants, his face shield isn’t down, and he isn’t wearing his Air-pack. Cut the man some slack , he’s trying to keep a bad situation, from getting so much worse.

“Lets hope OSHA doesn’t see this. Wheres his air-pack?” Writes one reader of, on Thursday, May 20. If your main comment on this photo is that u hope OSHA doesn’t see that he isn’t wearing an Air-pack, then you are looking at it for all the wrong reasons, this isn’t about what the man seems to be doing wrong.

“Yes, old school but with today’s vehicles you better be wearing your air-pack and all of your protective gear with the plastics and everything else in these cars, airbag gas cartridges, and magnesium, kind of silly in my opinion. Too true with the volunteers…they all try and rush to drive the firetruck and leave with only one person…its all fine until the you know what hits the fan.” This was one persons opinion of the situation that was posted on on Friday May, 21.

Another reader of the paper posted this more supportive comment in regards to a previous comment about his lack of an Air-pack, “Air-Pack, for an outdoor fire? Maybe if he was going into a burning building… He’s a volunteer and deserves our thanks. If you people can do better, feel free to volunteer for your local Fire Department and lead the way. Or do you only complain, offering nothing of substance?”

This photo wasn’t posted online to show what the man seems to be doing wrong, its there to show that he is doing the job that he volunteered to do, and he is doing it by himself. Yes he is missing some of the required safety gear that he should be wearing, but when it comes to trying to put out a fire in a truck or car, fast response and putting the fire out quickly seems to be more important then nit picking at what he is or is not wearing while he tries to put out the fire.

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