High School Overview

Towards the end of middle school, high school was the big threat to people. “Your not going to be able to make up work in high school.” Middle school was more of a scare for individuals in order to organize people’s work ethic. Freshmen year makes us excited to get out of middle school because there is more freedom. In this case, it’s a trickle down effect because when your high school career is ending you want to go to college because there is more freedom.
Freshmen year was sort of a blur to me because it was so long ago and because nothing exciting really happened. Unlike the rest of my peers, I knew that I wanted to make a lot of money when I got out of college and I knew that it would take my entire high school career to set up my future. In order to do so I had to take the initiative to make my schedule difficult so that I was both challenging myself and helping myself get ready for college.
Sports my freshmen year was a good time because it was sort of laid back and more of a fundamental time. Time to have fun and work on the skills that would eventually be used real competition when I was an upperclassmen. Football, when your a freshmen, is not fun at all. Your jumping into a new season, during the fall, your going to a new school, you don’t know a majority of the kids, and the seniors are big, tough, and ready to humiliate you in any way possible.
Other then the occasional hazing from football and focusing more on my studies, freshmen year wasn’t one to put on the highlight reel.
On the academic end, I started to sort through different occupations I was interested in to help determine what college would best suit me. I bounced back and forth from Athletic Training to Forensic Science and then finally to Pharmacy. Once I knew that I was going to pursue pharmacy I searched for different classes that would help me in my career in pharmacy.
Sophomore year was the turning point in my athletic career. I lettered in football, played baseball, and I exceeded in hockey. Football was a big highlight because I lettered and ended up starting varsity at the end of the season. Even Coach Hathaway said “If you were to say to me that Nick would letter this year I would have said no way.” It was a great accomplishment on my part.
Junior year was the beginning of what’s commonly known as “senioritis.” A majority of my friends were a year older then me so they were all leaving and I would still be back in high school. This year was one of the hardest years because I knew exactly what I needed to take for pharmacy and the major that I would be pursuing. I knew in order to get a high salary I would have to take difficult classes. Advanced Chemistry, AP English, AP Psychology, were among the classes that I had to take. Although the classes were hard, they were a good goal for me to accomplish because I knew that colleges would be looking at my transcript and would see that I wasn’t slacking.
In the sports perspective, I excelled pretty well in both football and hockey. In football I made second team all conference for kicking, and I also made the all region football team. As for hockey, I was 3rd team league all star, I was defensive player of the year, and made the all region hockey team. Sports seemed like a source to relieve stress and to deal with problems in an appropriate way. Football and hockey are great sports to play if you had a stressful day and just want to release some aggression.
Throughout my Senior year I didn’t think that I would show signs of ‘senioritis’ because I just felt like I needed to continue with my academics. Trying my hardest and succeeding in school was kind of fun because it was an accomplishment perspective and really helped me get into the college I wanted. Still today I am going for pharmacy and am going to attend Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston in the fall of 2010.
Overall, I believe that trying your hardest definitely works out in the end because when you apply your hard work ethic in the real world it will show that you didn’t slack off in high school. People will see your drive in high school and it will make it easier for when you get into college and when you get a real job. Setting your future up in high school is the biggest aspect that people need to see because if you don’t do well in high school then your not going to succeed in both college or getting a job.
My advice to kids in middle school and freshmen is to determine what you want to do in life for an occupation and start setting up your high school career around that choice. Knowing what you want to do after high school helps you understand the credits you need to have to graduate. Hard work in high school makes it easier for when your in college and it makes you look better as a person. Having ‘drive’ as a person will benefit how well you do in  reality.

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