About The Buzz

The Buzz is the official school newspaper for Leavitt Area High School which serves the Leeds, Greene, and Turner Tri-Town area. The Buzz is completely run by students at Leavitt, from content to publishing and page design. In the 2009-2010 school year the Buzz will see it’s 10th Anniversary of publication and will return with a print issue after being a solely digital paper in the 2008-2009 year.

The mission of The Buzz is to represent the school community through
publishing an informative and entertaining look at Leavitt life.

The Buzz is the official school newspaper of Leavitt Area High School,
published by a staff of student journalists who strive to accurately
report news events, both in and out of the high school setting, as the
topics relate to and interest the high school students. Produced in a
laboratory setting, the newspaper provides students with opportunities in
developing skills with the coverage and writing of news, feature and
sports, while offering a forum to its public for the free exchange of
ideas on the opinion page.

Student editors make up the newspaper’s editorial or planning board, which
makes decisions on content, coverage, scope and treatment of news,
features, sports and opinion articles as they interest and concern their
primary audience of Leavitt Area High School.

The Buzz serves as an open forum for student opinion and ideas. The
student staff members of The Buzz strive to maintain high journalistic
standards in the selection and reporting material to be concluded in each
issue. A staff meeting prior to each issue will determine the content of
the current newspaper. Attention will be given to stories of interest and
importance to the primary audience of students, with consideration given
to the secondary audience of teachers, administrators, parents and
community members. Final decisions as to whether or not a particular
article will run will be made by the editor and members of the Editorial

The Buzz staff will publish a staff editorial in each issue which will no
be by-lined, but will reflect the views of the majority of the student
newspaper staff. Guest editorials are welcomed from any reader who has an
opinion to express, and should be given to the editor two weeks in advance
of the publication date to be considered. All editorials, with the
exception of the staff editorial, will by by-lined with the author’s name
and included on a page clearly identified as opinion. Letters to the
Editor should not exceed 250 words in length and must be signed by the
author, although the author’s name will be withheld upon request. Letters
may be made to contact the letter writer prior to deadline if questions on
content and credibility arise.

The student staff members of The Buzz will practice high journalistic
standards in dealing with the reporting of timely issues and controversial
topics. The staff will strive to remain objective and balanced, and to
deal with the facts and issues. The staff will refrain from publishing
material that is considered libelous, obscene, and invasion of privacy or
anything that calls for the disruption of the school day. The Editorial
Board has the final decision in these instances.

The staff of The Buzz strongly supports the practice of First Amendment
rights, and opposes the censorship in any form. In practicing the freedoms
outline by the First Amendment, the student staff members of The Buzz also
recognize the inherent responsibilities therein.

In the instance of a factual error, a correction may be made for the
reader’s clarification in the next issue of The Buzz. A correction column
will be included on the opinion page of the newspaper and will be clearly
identified. Minor spelling errors or the correction in the spelling of
names will not be considered worthy of the correction space unless
clarification is needed for understanding. The newspaper staff will make
every effort to be accurate and credible to its readers.

In the occurrence of a death of a student or staff member, The Buzz staff
will publish an objective news story concerning and deceased individual’s
school activities, survivors, memorials and cause of death. Another story,
related to the cause of death, is likely to be featured in the news or
feature sections depending upon the news value or impact of the

The newspaper staff will follow the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook in
preparation of all copy, captions and headlines.

All stories, with the exception of the Staff Editorial, will contain the
name of the reporter in the byline, and all photographs, with the
exception of head shots, will contain photo credits. Attribution will be
given to any article or photograph that is provided by an outside source
for the newspaper’s use, and photo illustrations will be labeled as such.

The Buzz will not accept advertisements.

The Buzz and it’s affiliates (The Sting) will be published on a continually online (at leavittbuzz.org and leavittsting.wordpress.com) with 2 print issues during the 2009-2010 year. One Holiday issue to close out 2009, and one End-Of Year issue to close out the 2009-2010 school year.


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