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And the Winner is…

The ninth season of American Idol came to a close on Wednesday, May 26. The winner claimed their title and the show loses most of it’s viewers as this season has been marked as disappointing, a major let down compared to previous seasons. Continue reading

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Summer Reads … Make you feel good.

Nothing feels as good as lying on the beach reading a book on a warm Summer day… But sometimes it’s hard to find a good book that’s worthy of said situation. Well the Buzz is here to help with some standout options of what to read this summer…

For Movie Lovers:
We all know that the best movies are not usually original ideas by screenwriters, but conversions from the movies predecessor: the book. We all also know that the books that serve as source material are usually better than the movies made for them. For this reason it’s always better to read the book first… Here are a few page-turners you should probably read before they come to life on the screen later this summer: Continue reading


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Movie Review: Remember Me

According to professional movie critics Remember Me was “drawn out and predictable”, but walking out of the movie theater I found myself asking if we had seen the same movie. The movie was an intense showcase of a romantic drama rather than a romantic catastrophe. Remember Me was released on March 12 of this year and was directed by Allen Clouter who also directed Hollywoodland in 2006.

Robert Pattinson, the star of the movie breaks out of his most famous roll of ‘Edward Cullen’ and jumps into the world of melancholy romance. He also worked double time on the movie as one of the executive producers.

Pattinson plays Tyler Hawkins, a young man dealing with not only tragedy but a great deal of anger and rebellion. For Tyler, anger leads to trouble, and he considers every possibility he has to get himself out of it.

Alli (Emilie de Ravin), a girl with an unknown broken soul, is Tyler’s way out. However once he discovers she is just as broken as he is, Tyler unwillingly falls in love and together they find peace, combining loss and love, to get back this state of joy they have both lost.

To many, the movie wasn’t appealing because of it’s predictable plot. However, the movie did take some twists and turns, making an intense story. Everything seems to pull together making every moment important and memorable, which only added to the drama. Continue reading

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The GaGa/Beyonce 10 minute music video shocks fans and poisons people…

*Posted below is the CLEAN version of the video, the article below is written on the EXPLICIT version of the video which can be found at other websites.

Like most things that Lady GaGa does, the “Telephone” 10 minute music video featuring Beyonce, cannot be taken at face value.

Looking deeper into the epic clip for her latest single, one can find many pop culture references and product placements that bring so much more to the video than what originally meets the eye…

The video starts with some cheesy looking opening credits that lend themselves to the cheesy 70’s film theme that GaGa & her team were striving to attain. We then see GaGa entering a prison, being thrown into her cell and stripped down to next to nothing. This sets the audience up for by far the most shocking part of the video, where GaGa leaps at the camera, revealing everything and the prison guard explaining GaGa’s downstairs situation.

Said explanation was an answer to a question that has been surrounding Lady Gaga since she rose to fame in late 2008… Is the Lady really a lady at all? Rumors have flown around computer screens and tabloid covers for over a year now that Lady GaGa used to be a man and/or a hermaphrodite. The Lady denied these rumors consistently, but they never faded away so at 1:10 in the video, GaGa gives fans and critics alike more evidence than most probably ever needed to resolve the issue. Continue reading

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Will the “Runaways” be a box office Runaway or a (Cherry) Bomb?

After three years of fighting fans, we are closer than ever to seeing how the “Runaways”, the Joan Jett/Cherie Currie biopic, will turn out …

In case you haven’t heard: fans of the band have been outraged since the announcement(s) that Kristen Stewart will play Joan Jett in the film alongside Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, and fans of the actresses have been outraged at the former’s outrage.

It has been an endless argument on multiple message boards, and it is an argument that cannot truly be settled until the film comes out on April 9, 2010. But the recent release of promotional material for the motion picture is giving us a significant glimpse at what the film will be like.

Back in December of 2009 the first poster arrived online (right) alongside a very brief teaser trailer (above), but those both left much to be desired… Now, however fans and critics alike are delighted to get a full-length trailer (top), a full length music video for Dakota Fanning’s take of their hit “Cherry Bomb” (below), and a much more inviting poster with images of the stars.

Kristen and Dakota and the casting directors alike have all been criticized about the film. But fans of the band should know that the casting has a smiling seal of approval by the real Runaways themselves, Kristen Stewart has even been spotted hanging out with Joan Jett several times over the past two years.

“I was really lucky to have her be so into the project and so open about it, because not a lot of people my age know about The Runaways and it was the most important part of her life and kick-started her career.” -Kristen Stewart

Where before the message boards talked about how the girls are “too young” and “incapable” of playing these iconic women (they are, after all, stars of “Twilight”), they now read “impressive” and “better-than-expected”.

But it remains to be seen and heard whether or not Ms. Fanning & Ms. Stewart can fulfill those iconic platform shoes … Until April 9th, that is, when you can expect a respectable review right here from yours truly.


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Glee … A new kind of television.

Glee is a new kind of television. From it’s interesting marketing scheme by FOX Broadcasting to the fact that it is a weekly musical, it is evident that Glee is something different. Continue reading


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Jodi Picoult: “An unassuming brilliance”

We all read the stories in the newspapers about what the celebrities are doing or what the latest medical breakthroughs or problems are but to fully understand them it seems as if we need to really be put into their story.

Jodi Picoult is most famous for her novels about the medical community and how it effects the families in each situation.

Somehow though, those families always end up in a court room fighting for someones life,  freedom, or body.

Continue reading

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